Bank Holiday Fun

30 Apr 2010 11:46

This weekend see's the first of the Bank Holiday's and as per usual, the forecast is rather mixed.


No worries if you're stuck in Sheffield as we'll be open as normal over the weekend and will have normal opening hours on Monday (noon-10pm). We'll also have a new Purple circuit for you to climb on with Percy just finishing off the last of the 40 problems. This new circuit will be in the Font 6b to 7a+ range. With this new circuit finished off we will have set 191 problems in the month of April!! No matter who you are and how often you climb here, they'll be something new for you to climb.


In other news, our ex-receptionist / coach Leah Crane has been crushing in Spain as part of her year long European road trip. You can read some of her old blog posts on her Berghaus page here and watch her dispatch her new 8a/V11 problem in Albarracin