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30 Apr 2010 11:46 Bank Holiday Fun

This weekend see's the first of the Bank Holiday's and as per usual, the forecast is rather mixed.


No worries if you're stuck in Sheffield as we'll be open as normal over the weekend and will have normal opening hours on Monday (noon-10pm). We'll also have a new Purple circuit for you to climb on with Percy just finishing off the last of the 40 problems. This new circuit will be in the Font 6b to 7a+ range. With this new circuit finished off we will have set 191 problems in the month of April!! No matter who you are and how often you climb here, they'll be something new for you to climb.


In other news, our ex-receptionist / coach Leah Crane has been crushing in Spain as part of her year long European road trip. You can read some of her old blog posts on her Berghaus page here and watch her dispatch her new 8a/V11 problem in Albarracin



26 Apr 2010 12:28 The Bish is Back

After an extra, volcano enforced, week in the Portugese bouldering destination of Sintra, Percy has arrived back and set to work on stripping the Purple's. There should be a new circuit up by the end of the week.

For those wanting to read more about this new bouldering area of Sintra, go visit Climb Newcastle's website as the Earl and Springer have used their time stuck waiting for a flight productively and written a short article about the place. There is some photos and a bunch of videos like the one below

On the subject of videos, A couple of weeks ago the Mammut team were in doing a bit of filming with their amazing dedi-cam copter. You can view some of the footage taken inside The Climbing Works on the film below; very cool.

It's Bank Holiday Monday next week and we'll be open as normal Noon to 10pm.


22 Apr 2010 13:45 Phyiso from The Clinic tonight

The Clinic are back in their corner beside the campus board tonight, once again giving Sheffield climbers some help in identifying and treating any lingering injuries.

It's all FREE so if you've got a niggling problem or just want some advice on an old injury come down tonight between 7.30-9pm.

We've also received a delivery from Prana of their new Spring Summer range which you can view online. Perfect timing as the Sun is out and the temps slowly rise

21 Apr 2010 16:14 New White Circuit Completed plus Mammut Grit Trailer

Sam and I finished setting the White circuit this morning, and along with Lu, tested them this afternoon. You now have a new 40 problem circuit in the Font 4-5+ category, sitting below the Blacks and around the Spotty Yellow kind of grades. Altogether there is now over 120 problems in the Font 4-6a range on the circuit walls! That is alot of blocs to go at. You can get the full topo on our website.

You can view a beta video below of a problem on the new white circuit demonstrated by Mini-Cheese Michelle.

Last week we showed some footage from the Mammut heli-cam. It got a hell of a response from people looking for some more footage. Well, the camera was being used as part of a Mammut team gritstone film and you can now view the trailer below. This camera looks like it could play a major part in changing how climbing films get made...

19 Apr 2010 12:25 Travel Chaos & Registering To Vote

Soooooo many things to write about today

Registering to Vote:
With the General & Local Elections coming up on May 6th we are encouraging ALL our customers to vote. We don't care who you vote for or even if you spoil your vote but on May 6th, make the short trip to your local polling station and make your vote count.
If you're not registered to vote (or are unsure) TOMORROW is the deadline to register. To register to vote, all you need to do is fill in the electoral registration form and post it TODAY to your local registration office. It will take 5mins and is EASY to do. We in the UK are very lucky to be able to have a say in who runs our country and local councils, make your vote count.

Find out all the information you need to know on your right to vote (including blank registration form & where to send it) at aboutmyvote.co.uk

News from The Climbing Works:
The volcano eruption is affecting millions of people around Europe and we in The Climbing Works are no exception. Percy is currently 'stranded' in Portugal with his family.... along with Andy Earl and Springer Graham from Climb Newcastle. I'm sure they are just distraught at having to stay in warm, sunny Portugal, discovering and opening up new problems in Sintra.

Others stranded by the Volcano include David Lama & Magnus Mitboe from the Mammut Pro Team. They've been having an extended trip (with beautiful weather) on the Gritstone. Notable ascents include Masters Edge, Parthian Shot, Simba's Pride & Messiah (they've done alot more too). David is currently seeing if he can get home via train while Magnus plays the waiting game as he is trying to get back to the U.S.

David Lama surfing the web trying to find a way home

Back here in The Works we have set a new 40 problem black circuit that sits in the 5+ to 6a+ range. The complete topo is on the website here to download as a pdf.

Those who look closely will see that there is no White circuit. That is because Sam is currently stripping it now ready for a reset by the end of the week. It will sit in the medium c.Font 5+ range...probably.

Sam stripping the White circuit


14 Apr 2010 12:06 I Want One!!!

Over the last few weeks the Peak District has been host to the Mammut Pro Team. This collection of uber wads have been sampling the delights of Peak Gritstone, both boulder & trad, and as usual with Mammut trips, they've been making a film.

A few years ago 'boom' technology helped evolve the climbing film, now it looks like their will be another evolution with the helicopter cam - or dedicam as the company behind it have named it. This thing of beauty is mad to look at, never mind the thought of trying to control or film with it. It works with 2 controllers - one doing the flying, the other controlling the camera. The cameraman wears some special glasses to see what the camera see's but I've been told that there is even an iphone app to control the camera on these flying machines, very cool. The Mammut film should be available to see in a few weeks so keep an eye on the blog and we'll let you know when it's live. Till then check out the films below.

The dedicam

You can see the camera flying around The Climbing Works below:

and see the camera in action on this short snowboarding film:


7 Apr 2010 13:44 Yellow Spotty Circuit & Easter Fun

Yesterday Sam finished off the final few problems on the new Yellow Spotty circuit. In the Font 4-5+ grade range, this is a perfect range and style for those doing adult improver sessions or those looking to progress past the blue & greens. The Yellow Spotty circuit uses the funky Holdz holds so bring your brain for these problems as you will need a lot of subtle and inventive solutions to complete the 40.

With this new circuit we have now set over 120 problems in the last month! These cover the whole grade & movement range, from Font 4 to 7c, slab to steep competition wall.
Got the kids at home? Still spaces available next week on our Easter Fun courses>>


5 Apr 2010 10:56 Holiday? What Holiday?

It may be Bank Holiday Monday for the masses but for The Climbing Works it's a normal day with new problems being set by Percy & Sam.


This time it's a new Yellow Spotty circuit with the grade being in the Font 5+ range. They will have 30 or so problems done today with the circuit finished tomorrow. With the Peak being damp and some thick cloud overhead, this should give you something to do on your Easter Monday. 


For those who operate in the higher grades, you can get involved with the new Yellow circuit that Percy set last week - Font 6c+ to 7b+...'ish.  You can get beta for problem 29 by watching Percy on the video below.


If you have kids at home this, and next week, then make sure to have a look at our special Easter courses that will keep them entertained (and hopefully tire them out).



1 Apr 2010 14:42 Easter

Just a reminder about our Easter opening times:

Good Friday: Noon - 10pm
Easter Saturday & Sunday: 10am-8pm
Easter Monday: Noon-10pm

Percy is just finishing the new yellow circuit (Font 7a-7c'ish) so you'll have something to take your frustration out on if the weather stays as bad as it is forecast to be.


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