The CWIF: Results

22 Mar 2010 10:11

What a day!!!! Saturday was just an astounding competition. The 30 problem qualification circuit tested all the skills of the climbers while the Semi's & Finals on the Berghaus Competition wall tested strength, cunning, endurance & bravery with big moves, subtle foot placements and a handstand start for the men.

The day was also a very long one with Graeme opening the Climbing Works doors at 8am and locking them at 11pm. A big thank you to everyone who took part, helped out or came just to watch. It was a very successful day.

The full qualification, team & semi-final results can be viewed in pdf format by following the links below. The overall final results can be read below with the full results (tops, bonus, attempts) available in pdf format by this afternoon.
We'll aim to get photos & a report up on the website as soon as possible. We're all a bit knackered today and we've got an articulated truck in the car park coming to take away a very big wall. It never stops!

Men's Final: Results

1. Gerome Pouvreau FRA
2. Gabri Moroni ITA
3. Thomas Caleyron FRA
4. Stew Watson GBR
5. Gaz Parry GBR

Women's Final: Results

1. Chloe Graftiaux BEL
2. Johanna Ernst AUT
3. Melanie Sandoz FRA
4. Katarina Saurwein AUT
5. Sabine Bacher AUT
5 = Alizee Dufraisse FRA (qualified for Final but did not take part due to injury)

Semi Finals

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Women's Semi-Final Results>>


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Women's Qualification Results>>

Team Results>>