CWIF Timetable plus the Holdz!!!

15 Mar 2010 15:15

We've had alot of people asking about the CWIF in terms of times and what is going on during the day. You can read the timetable for the day in pdf format from our website now. This is a rough estimate and of course is subject to change but in essence it should help you plan your day.

This morning we got our delivery of our CWIF circuit holds courtesy of the nice guys at Holdz. Percy had ordered them in a fluorescent yellow colour but somewhere along the line, the paint mix went a little now you will be competing on fluorescent pink holds : )



That's a whole lot of holds. The bucket is completely full of Screw On's!!! Now that's a lot of small holds : )


Check out these Jugs!



A lot of holds...and a lot of boxes