Ron Lecture & CWIF update

8 Mar 2010 16:46

The Ron lecture was an amazing success with Ed Douglas doing a brilliant job in eeking out all the stories from Ron's past. Listening to Ron, you'd think he was just a normal climber, listen closer to the stories though and you found out why he was such a legend! His achievements throughout his career, in the UK and abroad, were just stunning. Make sure to get a copy of his book - Rock Athlete - to read how this Yorkshire lad helped redefine climbing standards.


The large crowd watching Ron & Ed


The CWIF is just under 2 weeks away and we're getting pretty psyched for it. You can read an article on UKClimbing about why its so special and visit our CWIF page on our website to read more, see the video from last year and register. If you are keen to take part you must PRE-REGISTER as we only have 64 places remaining

Also today, Percy did our annual wall survey. It's a dirty job but if need a dirty job doing, Mr Bishton is the man for the occasion....
He reported back that 'Yes. The wall is fine. And No. It won't fall down'. Good that : )