Ron Fawcett Lecture - The Ale!

5 Mar 2010 10:28

Sunday nights Ron lecture was always going to be good. The man has enough stories for a dozen talks. Add to this that Ed Douglas (co-write of Ron's book, Rock Athlete) will be on hand to ask the questions that Ron couldn't answer in his book and you have an even better night!


Now to top it all off Five Ten have sponsored the production of a very special ALE for the evening! Really! We're not joking. Ron has been a Five Ten athlete for a long time and they've got Sheffield's finest Kelham Island to produce a very special Rock Athlete Ale. Not only will we have the Ale for the night, it will be FREE!! Yes, FREE! All courtesy of Five Ten. Obviously only over 18's only and don't bring a box expecting to fill it and take a load away...only Graeme can do that.


FiveTen Rock Athlete Ale. 5.10% 'Come on Ales Do Your Stuff'