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29 Mar 2010 16:39 Easter Opening Times, CWIF links & New Yellow Circuit

After a bit of a rest and recuperation last week after the CWIF, we've started the process of changing and resetting some new circuits. As the rain comes pouring down in Sheffield and the forecast looking pretty poor for the coming week, you'd be happy to hear that Percy has set 10 new yellows (c.7a-7b) and will set another 30 on Thursday / Friday. He will then move onto the spotty yellows which should be finished by this time next week.

Thanks to all the positive feedback regarding the CWIF. Alot of people enjoyed the competition, whether taking part or watching, it seemed to get people psyched which is what we wanted. We're already starting to plan next years event with a date tba in the next month or so. Below are a few links to reports on the CWIF:

UKC news item - http://www.ukclimbing.com/news/item.php?id=52602

Gabri Moroni blog on taking part in the CWIF - http://gabriele-moroni.blogspot.com/2010/03/england-trip.html

Our opening times over Easter will be the same as normal with no earlier opening on either Good Friday or Easter Monday (Noon to 10pm both days). The weekend will also stay as normal (10am-8pm). If you have the kids at home and are looking for something to do with them, check out our special kids courses over the Easter fortnight.

22 Mar 2010 16:43 CWIF Photos


We've uploaded a number of photos to our Picasa account so if you want to relive the event, or if you missed out completely, go check them out. No descriptions on them yet but we'll aim to add some over the next few days.
A big thanks to photographers Norm Gilman & Dom Worrall (dr-photography) for getting us the photos so quick




We've also got the Men's & Women's Finals result in pdf format so you can see who topped what & how

Men's Final Results>>

Women's Final Results>>


The Ginger Avenger's - Jacky Godoffe - Finals P3, aka The Pink Starfish

The handstand start of P3

Gerome, flashing P3, and securing the win

Chloe securing her win on P3


22 Mar 2010 10:11 The CWIF: Results

What a day!!!! Saturday was just an astounding competition. The 30 problem qualification circuit tested all the skills of the climbers while the Semi's & Finals on the Berghaus Competition wall tested strength, cunning, endurance & bravery with big moves, subtle foot placements and a handstand start for the men.

The day was also a very long one with Graeme opening the Climbing Works doors at 8am and locking them at 11pm. A big thank you to everyone who took part, helped out or came just to watch. It was a very successful day.

The full qualification, team & semi-final results can be viewed in pdf format by following the links below. The overall final results can be read below with the full results (tops, bonus, attempts) available in pdf format by this afternoon.
We'll aim to get photos & a report up on the website as soon as possible. We're all a bit knackered today and we've got an articulated truck in the car park coming to take away a very big wall. It never stops!

Men's Final: Results

1. Gerome Pouvreau FRA
2. Gabri Moroni ITA
3. Thomas Caleyron FRA
4. Stew Watson GBR
5. Gaz Parry GBR

Women's Final: Results

1. Chloe Graftiaux BEL
2. Johanna Ernst AUT
3. Melanie Sandoz FRA
4. Katarina Saurwein AUT
5. Sabine Bacher AUT
5 = Alizee Dufraisse FRA (qualified for Final but did not take part due to injury)

Semi Finals

Men's Semi-Final Results>>
Women's Semi-Final Results>>


Men's Qualification Results>>
Women's Qualification Results>>

Team Results>>

20 Mar 2010 15:12 CWIF - Semi Finals about to begin


c. David Simmonite 

After an amazing morning of big moves, hard falls and technical slabs the 200 competitors have been whittled down to 16 men & 16 women.

You can view the semi final list here and remember you can watch it live via webcast on www.climbingworks.com

Graeme wearing a Newcastle shirt all in aid of Beth Monks fund. c. David Simmonite


Ron Fawcett ... and the Ronnettes - It's not that serious of a competition. c. David Simmonite



19 Mar 2010 11:43 CWIF Testing Begins plus Important Points for Everyone Competing

The semi's & main final problems have been set with a big blue tarp covering the Berghaus competition wall - all set for unveiling tomorrow at 4pm.

This morning the routesetters have been busy drinking coffee and playing with a lot of pink holds. Out of this will come the 30 problem qualification circuit. For those competing you can expect....a lot of interesting conundrums.

Where will this beautiful thing end up??

Tomorrow we will have the wall open nice and early for those who are seeking to get to the Semi's having plenty of time to climb. If you're in just for the fun of it please come down a little later so we don't have everyone climbing on top of each other.
The timetable for the day can be viewed here>>

Other things to remember:
- Please try to walk here if you can as the carpark will be busy.
- There will be very limited space in here for bags etc... so take as little as you can, or if in a car, leave your stuff there.
- Part of the wall nearest the competition wall will be shut at 3 / 3.30ish so we can get the seating sorted for the Semi's & Finals
- Remember, if not in Sheffield you can watch the Semi's & Finals via webcast on www.climbingworks.com


Q. How many routesetters does it take to change a hold? A. 2 IFSC setters & Britain's Manliest Man

The wall is open as normal today (Friday) but obviously the competition wall is closed and please please do not climb on the pink holds. We would like them as clean as possible for tomorrow. Any competitors found to be climbing on them today will have very nasty things done to them.


17 Mar 2010 16:12 CWIF After Party

Saturday is going to be a big day for everyone involved in The Climbing Works. Usually, after a big day of work, you go home and have a cup of tea. You do this because you're tired, it's relaxing and you need the rest.

Not here. On Saturday night we'll be going from The Climbing Works to Club Culture to dance till the very early hours of Sunday morning. We're throwing an after party to let our hair down and generally let off some steam. The venue is the same as the Christmas party - Club Culture in Sheffield City centre - and the time is 11pm till 4am.

The party is the second part of The Climbing Works triathlon - the CWIF, the party and then climbing on Sunday. The winner of the Works triathlon will be announced on Monday. The judging criteria for the triathlon will be made up as we go along. Decision is by Climbing Work cheeses and will be final (not open to bribery either, ok yes it is). Prize will be satisfaction of beating everybody else. Anyone caught cheating will be embarrassed in public.


The full timetable for the day is available to read at the website


16 Mar 2010 18:51 CWIF Update

Today the Berghaus Competition Wall was stripped with all the holds and volumes coming down. This will all be back in action for the CWIF semi-finals which will begin at 16:30 on Saturday


On the wall will be some new volumes on which Sam was working today on adding some colour


Remember after the Competition there will be the CWIF after party that will take place at Club Culture in Sheffield city centre. Entry is FREE with the password for getting in being 'CWIF'. It will start at 11pm and finish at 4am....Nice!

Map to Club Culture>>


The timetable for Saturday is available at yesterdays blog post>>


15 Mar 2010 15:15 CWIF Timetable plus the Holdz!!!

We've had alot of people asking about the CWIF in terms of times and what is going on during the day. You can read the timetable for the day in pdf format from our website now. This is a rough estimate and of course is subject to change but in essence it should help you plan your day.

This morning we got our delivery of our CWIF circuit holds courtesy of the nice guys at Holdz. Percy had ordered them in a fluorescent yellow colour but somewhere along the line, the paint mix went a little weird....so now you will be competing on fluorescent pink holds : )



That's a whole lot of holds. The bucket is completely full of Screw On's!!! Now that's a lot of small holds : )


Check out these Jugs!



A lot of holds...and a lot of boxes


15 Mar 2010 12:22 CWIF Week - It All Starts Today...

This morning Percy & Sam got to work stripping the circuits in preparation for this Saturday's CWIF. The yellow circuit will be the main competition circuit but also coming down was the spotty yellow (which will be reset next week) and the BUCS Brown circuit. In all about 120 problems have come down from the walls. As you can see in the pictures below there was just a few holds, screws & bolts to pick up...


We've also finalised the CWIF entry list. You can view the full entry list at our news page on the website. If you're not on the list then you CANNOT compete. If you feel you should be on the list, or you thought you had registered, please get in touch ASAP.


Remember, if you're not competing you can still come and watch the semis & finals. We'll have a timetable for the day up on the website later today or tomorrow.


Also in preparation for the CWIF, the Berghaus competiton wall will be stripped tomorrow so if you have any projects left you better get down tonight and finish them off.


This year we will have a trophy and medals for the winners of the CWIF. The medals have been made by the Beastmaker boys and as you can see below, they are pretty unique



11 Mar 2010 15:27 New Green Spotty Circuit & CWIF update

Sam has finished the green spotty circuit which is made up of 20 slightly longer than normal problems. Nothing harder than 6a on the individual problems themselves but the new green spotty circuit is 'mountain style' meaning you can link alot of the problems together. They'll all be explained on the topo but you'll have route length problems up to F7a+. Nice.

CWIF update:
All 180 places for the CWIF have now been filled. If you really want to compete on the day we're open to plea's via email but they better be good ones : ) info@climbingworks.com

Remember that the the 180 places are just for competitors on the qualifying CWIF circuit. We are open as normal so you can come and climb the other circuits on the day, just not the yellow qualifying circuit.

If you're not climbing or competing you can still come and watch the semi & finals, eat at the FREE BBQ and generally get psyched watching some of the world's best boulderers crush.
We'll also have our FREE after party at Club Culture which is in Sheffield City Centre. This is on from 10pm - 3am

Comp Wall: To get ready for the CWIF, the comp wall will get stripped on Tuesday morning meaning you only have till Monday night to get your projects finished.

BUCS: We are CLOSED ALLDAY on Saturday 13th March. Open as normal Sunday 14th March.

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