Its all going off....

25 Feb 2010 19:21

Graeme is currently off 'at a meeting' in Bali (yes, seriously!) but took time out from his 'busy schedule' (probably on the beach, or propping up a bar somewhere) to email me the latest international entrants for the CWIF. To date we now have....

A load of Frenchies (including a European bouldering champion)
A full complement of Dutchies (as in the full Dutch bouldering team)
At least 9 Austrians, none of whom are in any way bad at climbing...
Another 7 Italians - Gabri informs us thats there is a ruck of very handy and very psyched Italians on their way for the comp
At least one American - short in stature but big in bicep
Polish climbing wall destroyer, party animal and bouldering world cup winner Tomas Olesky

This list is not comprehensive and there are more international climbers coming, but the list above is people who have pre-registered. The way things are looking at the moment, this years CWIF looks like it might be way busier than ever before, so the best way to guarentee your place is to register with us using the form at the bottom of the page HERE. We never like to turn people away, but there is a very high chance of us having to cap the number of competitors for the qualification round, otherwise nobody will ever get finished in time!

Anyway, apart from the buzz of excitement surrounding the CWIF, there's a load of other stuff going on.

The RED circuit is finished - 40 problems from Font 6c to 7b, with most in the 7a to 7a+ range. Do this lot in an hour and you can have a free cup of tea (and possibly free resucitation too).

The comp wall has been stripped, and we're currently working on a new set of problems for tomorrow nights bouldering league.

Oh, and finally, the new Scarpa shoes are in the shop. The Instinct lace ups and Instinct slippers are the boots we've been testing for the last 6 months and we think they are awesome, so come and try some on and see what you think (a review will be up on UK Climbing in the next few days if you need more opinions)!