Weekly Updates - Mon 22nd Feb 2010

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22 Feb 2010 19:15 New Red circuit and more.

Yes, we're back on the case and there are currently about 26 new red problems to go at - the last 14 problems will be set on Thursday. The grade range is simular to the last lot - between Font 6c+ and 7a+, but with the odd spicy one (as normal).

The final round of the the Bouldering League is this Friday - the last round normally means I make a special effort to be really creative - you have all been warned! Below is a video of the last round of the event to get you psyched - enjoy!

Berghaus Bouldering League round 3 from Sam Whittaker on Vimeo.

22 Feb 2010 18:20 Going Back to the Old Ways

Sam & Percy have been busy today setting a new red circuit. They should have it all finished by tomorrow.

If you've tried to contact us in the last few days by email, you may be wondering why we haven't replied. Apart from our busy work life's, we're having issues with our email. If you're in desperate need to contact us, ring or call into reception.

We're hoping to have it all fixed by tomorrow.

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