Big Ron, New Greens, Slab & Crack

5 Feb 2010 12:46

Percy has started work on the slab and has already left a feature that many are sure to enjoy...

Ohhhhhh, look at that crack.....mmmmmmmhhhhh


The work should all be finished by the middle of next week. In the meantime you can enjoy the new Green circuit which Sam finished off today. 40 problems in the Font 3 range. As always, we expect this to be a very popular circuit.


A reminder about our Big Ron lecture. The legend that is Ron Fawcett will be giving a lecture at The Climbing Works on Sunday 7th March. Ron's achievements are as long as his arms, with many shaping British climbing history. A unique chance to hear the stories about the climbs, the people and the lycra. Tickets available online and at reception.