Weekly Updates - Thu 4th Feb 2010

4 Feb 2010 13:03 New Greens, A Little Slab Work & Another HUGE Holds Sale

As you may know from previous blogs, we're resetting the Greens today. By early evening we should have 25 or so ready to go. The rest will be set tomorrow giving you a new circuit in the Font 3-4 range.

The other big news is to do with the Scarpa slab. This part of the wall has hosted a lot of problems over the last 3 and a bit years and it is starting to look a little worn. Actually, it's starting to look more like its been beaten up on a late Friday night with 'local knowledge footholds' (scars) beginning to appear. High quality plywood on a 3 year old wall really shouldn't be doing that.


A selection of the secret footholds that were appearing on the slab


So to rectify this we're going to build a really big new roof section where the slab was. Onnnnnnly joking.


On Monday, Percy will set to work rebuilding the slab with new ply and a couple of interesting features. This should all be finished by the second half of next week. In the meantime the slab section will be closed starting from now.


That's alot of plywood!

So why do this? Apart from the reasons outlined above (i.e. the immense popularity of this part of the wall) and the fact that we can do it. We're always striving to provide the best facility and when something is broke, we aim to fix it.


After the holds sale we did a few weeks ago, we've decided to some sell some of our volumes. These things are of different shape & sizes and can be your's for just £10 each! Get in touch with me at brian@climbingworks.com for more information.


A selection of the volumes up for sale. Your's for just £10 each.


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