Tweet tweet

3 Feb 2010 12:07

A month into the new decade The Climbing Works has decided to add to their web 2.0 collection and can now be found on twitter.

We've been thinking about tweeting for quite a while but have now decided that it's time to add twitter to our already burgeoning social media profiles - facebook, YouTube, Vimeo& Picasa.


Why now? With our blog getting read ever more and our facebook growing more popular everyday, we realise that alot of people like to keep informed of everything that goes on in here. From new circuits to video uploads to special offers, we'll use twitter to let you know the latest in the World's biggest bouldering wall.


There's quite alot to look forward to with the final round of the winter bouldering league, the CWIF, BUCS, Ron Fawcett lecture all in the next 6 weeks.


So find us on and follow.