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25 Feb 2010 19:21 Its all going off....

Graeme is currently off 'at a meeting' in Bali (yes, seriously!) but took time out from his 'busy schedule' (probably on the beach, or propping up a bar somewhere) to email me the latest international entrants for the CWIF. To date we now have....

A load of Frenchies (including a European bouldering champion)
A full complement of Dutchies (as in the full Dutch bouldering team)
At least 9 Austrians, none of whom are in any way bad at climbing...
Another 7 Italians - Gabri informs us thats there is a ruck of very handy and very psyched Italians on their way for the comp
At least one American - short in stature but big in bicep
Polish climbing wall destroyer, party animal and bouldering world cup winner Tomas Olesky

This list is not comprehensive and there are more international climbers coming, but the list above is people who have pre-registered. The way things are looking at the moment, this years CWIF looks like it might be way busier than ever before, so the best way to guarentee your place is to register with us using the form at the bottom of the page HERE. We never like to turn people away, but there is a very high chance of us having to cap the number of competitors for the qualification round, otherwise nobody will ever get finished in time!

Anyway, apart from the buzz of excitement surrounding the CWIF, there's a load of other stuff going on.

The RED circuit is finished - 40 problems from Font 6c to 7b, with most in the 7a to 7a+ range. Do this lot in an hour and you can have a free cup of tea (and possibly free resucitation too).

The comp wall has been stripped, and we're currently working on a new set of problems for tomorrow nights bouldering league.

Oh, and finally, the new Scarpa shoes are in the shop. The Instinct lace ups and Instinct slippers are the boots we've been testing for the last 6 months and we think they are awesome, so come and try some on and see what you think (a review will be up on UK Climbing in the next few days if you need more opinions)!

22 Feb 2010 19:15 New Red circuit and more.

Yes, we're back on the case and there are currently about 26 new red problems to go at - the last 14 problems will be set on Thursday. The grade range is simular to the last lot - between Font 6c+ and 7a+, but with the odd spicy one (as normal).

The final round of the the Bouldering League is this Friday - the last round normally means I make a special effort to be really creative - you have all been warned! Below is a video of the last round of the event to get you psyched - enjoy!

Berghaus Bouldering League round 3 from Sam Whittaker on Vimeo.

22 Feb 2010 18:20 Going Back to the Old Ways

Sam & Percy have been busy today setting a new red circuit. They should have it all finished by tomorrow.

If you've tried to contact us in the last few days by email, you may be wondering why we haven't replied. Apart from our busy work life's, we're having issues with our email. If you're in desperate need to contact us, ring or call into reception.

We're hoping to have it all fixed by tomorrow.

15 Feb 2010 09:19 New slab is ready to go.


Its all finished and ready for action - check out the pictures for the before and after views. I think it looks a bit better now. I'm off to put some holds on it - will be ready to climb on by opening time today!





Before the refurb.....




And after. A bit cleaner?!








12 Feb 2010 13:47 A Colourful Slab


The slab has now been painted and as usual we've gone for some bright colours.



Remember to watch the 2010 Climbing Works Tour:


11 Feb 2010 16:20 A Tour of The Climbing Works

Every year we like to do a film tour of The Climbing Works to showcase our little wall. Today we've uploaded the 2010 version which you can view below.

You can also watch the old tours and plenty more videos on our YouTube page.

The slab has been painted and a little 'texture' added in places to make the new features extra interesting. Sam has also started setting a new blue circuit. It's been a busy day in here...



10 Feb 2010 13:34 Slab Pictures

As promised yesterday here's a couple of pictures of the new work on the slab.


The middle feature may look its a bit of vert wall...but its not. What it is though, is a very steep slab with a nice change of angle in the upper third which together should make for some very nice, interesting problems.


The slab will get painted tomorrow (with another surprise thrown in too).


Other news is the arrival of some very interesting Italian attire into the office. More on this in the next few days too...



9 Feb 2010 13:45 Slab Work

Percy has finished most of the work on the slab with some painting and other remedial work to complete the makeover. We will get the photos on here tomorrow but the slab now has a proud new feature that should allow us to create some beautiful problems.

We've also taken delivery of a new sofa for the campus board area. The old 2 seaters were getting a bit tatty so you now have a lovely new leather sofa to chill out on between sets.

Just watched this trailer for a new French climbing film and thought I should share it with you lot. There's no subtitles but the 'international language of climbing' needs no translation (hippie) so waste a few minutes at work and check out this beautiful looking area that I believe is on the border of Argentina and Chile.


8 Feb 2010 14:06 A Master Bender

Most definitely the quote of the week, early on a Monday morning, from a Mr P. Bishton. He was talking about his work on the new slab but it still made me laugh.

Percy will continue to work on his creation this week hopefully having it all done by Friday.

Also happening this Friday will be the Volume holds sale, starting at midday at The Climbing Works. Just turn up and ask for one of the cheeses. We'll take you to our hidden location to show you the choices on offer. Prices are £10 plus VAT each.

Talking about sales, we've got a special OR down jacket sale on at the moment ONLY on the website - 20%  OFF. As it snowed this morning in Sheffield and more cold weather is forecast for all this week it's perfect timing.

5 Feb 2010 12:46 Big Ron, New Greens, Slab & Crack

Percy has started work on the slab and has already left a feature that many are sure to enjoy...

Ohhhhhh, look at that crack.....mmmmmmmhhhhh


The work should all be finished by the middle of next week. In the meantime you can enjoy the new Green circuit which Sam finished off today. 40 problems in the Font 3 range. As always, we expect this to be a very popular circuit.


A reminder about our Big Ron lecture. The legend that is Ron Fawcett will be giving a lecture at The Climbing Works on Sunday 7th March. Ron's achievements are as long as his arms, with many shaping British climbing history. A unique chance to hear the stories about the climbs, the people and the lycra. Tickets available online and at reception.


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