An Unusual Visit

21 Jan 2010 15:40


Today we had the pleasure of having our local MP Meg Munn& the Minister for Sport Gerry Sutcliffe visit The Climbing Works.


We've had Meg in before for a chat and a look around, this time she came back with Gerry for a look at a local business that's doing something different from normal sports.


The Climbing Works not only provides a fine facility for our regular customers but we also work closely with school partnerships, charities and other local community organisations. As the biggest bouldering centre in the world we're pretty proud of all that we do (toddler/parent free afternoons, free improver sessions, green policy, CWIF etc..) and the wide range of climber we attract (from 2 yr olds to the Gandalfian unknown age of big Ron). Climbing is nowhere near a mainstream activity so it's always nice to get visits from government officials to promote and explain what else is out there beyond your regular team & individual sports.


Percy coaching Meg Munn MP


Percy even managed to get Meg to get a pair of shoes on and to try her hand at climbing. She didn't do too badly either. Unfortunately he couldn't persuade her to try the new purple spotty's that he was setting...but they did enjoy the coffee on offer.


Meg Munn MP and Minister for Sport Gerry Sutcliffe MP