First international entrants for the CWIF (Updated Wed 20th Jan)

20 Jan 2010 12:03

As some of you may know, The Climbing Works is hosting the CWIF event again for the 4th consecutive year. The event has grown and grown in popularity, and it looks like we might even have to cap the number of entrants for this years event, so get planning your teams now, 'cos when we're full, we're full!

Just in case you were wondering if we've got any foreign monsters booked up yet, the latest news is that the Austrian climbing team have booked places for several quite strong climbers, including Babara and Sabine Bacher, Katharina Saurwein, Lukas Ennemoser, Johanna Ernst and Stew Watson (Stew is a Brit, but also an honorary Austrian seeing as how he lives over there!)
Some or all of these names may be new to you if you don't follow the bouldering world cup series, but these guys and gals are some serious big hitters when it comes to comp climbing - a quick loook at their world rankings will only confirm these suspicions!
Last years winner, Jerome Meyer, has also promised to come again with a strong French contingient, and word on the street is that The Works are currently attempting to put together a team of 'Super-Ringers' (and Sam). Watch this space for further updates, and get cracking getting your teams together!

UPDATE: Just had word from our Dutch mate Wouter 'Wally' Jongeleenen who tells us he'll be across with 9 or 10 Dutch competitors for the comp and a weeks training at The Works and on the grit.

In almost forgot, the worlds best climbing ginger person has confirmed he'll be back to help with the route-setting.

We'll have more information on the website this week including a registration form or if you're super keen to get your name down you can email


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