Round 3 Results

18 Jan 2010 15:54

Another Friday night comp, another big crowd. The competition wall was busy with people on every problem. Even with the event expanded to 4 hours some people still ran out of time. Out of this big crowd we only received scores back from 55 people - there was easily twice this amount taking part. There's more about this below...


Overall, the competition was a fantastic success with a range of scores across the board. The cash bonus problems as usual attracted some big guns. Unlike R2 were only 1 man & woman took the respective £125, R3 saw the cash prize get split 3 ways in both categories. The men who topped were Ned Feehally, Tom Newman & Dawid Skoczylas. The Women were Katy Whittaker, Dianne Merrick & Katy Piddock. All putting in determined displays to tag the top hold.


The full scores for R3 are available to view on the website here>>


The overall scores after 3 rounds are available on the website here>>


R4 will take place on Feb 26th at 6pm again. After the big crowd on the comp wall and the small relative returns of score cards, next round we're going to be much stricter with checking people to make sure they have score cards. If you want to take part, please make sure to pickup a score card at the door (£2). ONLY people with score cards will be allowed on the competition wall.