Weekly Updates - Tue 12th Jan 2010

12 Jan 2010 10:00 Climbing Works Jan Hold Sale

Recently we set a whole new purple circuit on brand new revolution holds. We pride ourselves on having a versatile range of holds from different companies. This means we can set problems that cover a wide spectrum of moves, from dirty crimps to poo slopers. What this also means is that we have a lot of holds.


Every year Percy cleans out his holds room and gets rid of things he no longer wants or has doubles off. All these holds are second-hand (obviously) but they've all been cleaned with our benky grip wash meaning they're sparkling.


We're using the month of January to have a holds clearance. There is a pdf here of all the holds available for sale. As there are so many holds, there is some important info to take note of:


- These holds won't be for public viewing (i.e. They won't be displayed in the shop). If you're keen to purchase some please email me at brian@climbingworks.com stating what holds you want (shape, size, colour). We can then pull a range out for you to come view.


- If you're a climbing wall or school wanting to purchase a large amount of holds, please email percy@climbingworks.com for prices and info.


If you're looking to improve your home wall, this is a superb opportunity to get some holds at a fantastic price.


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