Weekly Updates - Tue 5th Jan 2010

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5 Jan 2010 12:47 A Cheese Board in the Peak

With all the snow that fell last night, Sam & Percy decided to have a bit of a cheese board session in the peak this morning.


They got fresh tracks and even a bit of tree action. Unfortunately there's no ski lifts in the peak so they had to trek back up the hill. About a dozen runs all before we opened at Noon. Not bad going for the Peak District.

Another picture of our lovely insulated roof : )


5 Jan 2010 11:02 Return of The Insulated Roof


Today see's the return of our insulated roof. It is temporary but it does make a difference at this time of year. By the looks of the weather forecast it will stay till at least the end of the week and possibly get a little bigger too.


We are open as usual (we've had a few phone calls this morning about it) so for all those teachers out there enjoying their snow day....we'll see you this afternoon.


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