Happy New Year

31 Dec 2009 11:31

It's New Years Eve and the end of that weird timezone between Christmas and New Years. That period were some people are still off work, the kids are at home, days become muddled and no-one is quite sure if it's the weekend or not.


Today see's The Climbing Works close at 5pm. We'll re-open on Saturday 2nd January, back to our normal opening hours 10am - 8pm.


As Percy mentioned yesterday, there is a new Purple circuit with 40 problems between 6b-7a+. The new Revolution holds have gone down well with alot of positive feedback. The variety of holds and circuits is one of the things that The Climbing Works prides itself on. These new holds weren't cheap but we're happy to keep investing in new product to keep our customers happy - see it as a late Christmas present. You can see the full circuit topo's on our website here>>


As we head towards the last few hours of the decade, we wish you a happy new year! See you in 2010