New Heating System

18 Dec 2009 13:36

After the new chalk extraction system we've recently installed, we've now responded to customers requests and installed a new heating system into the Works. The photo below is Percy checking the instructions before installation....


Back in the real world of The Climbing Works, the last few days have been busy. Percy has been set to work on the children's boulders, upgrading the kids slide. This will be finished later today so ready for the young ones on a Saturday morning.


With the recent snowfall, it was perfect timing to see the new OR range of clothing for Autumn Winter 2010 (for those not in the outdoors industry you usually see samples of ranges a good 9 months before they arrive on the shelves). We've currently got a small range of warm clothing from OR inshop and online for this season so if you're feeling the bitter cold, come check it out.


The down and synthetic range from OR for AW10



The 2 cheeses getting involved with next years clothing. Rabbits and headlights is a phrase that springs to mind...


The first snow of the winter season falling at The Climbing Works yesterday