Get Strong This Christmas

15 Dec 2009 14:21

With all the mince pies, chocolate and general over-indulgence that goes on in December it can be quite easy to lose that finger strength that has taken you soooo long to build up. Time is also in short supply so it can be hard to fit in any climbing. Rest is important but coming back a little weaker is always frustrating.


Fingerboarding is an easy way to gain finger strength and it's easy to fit in around a busy schedule. On the Climbing Works website is an excellent fingerboard article from Ned Feehally (British Bouldering Champion) that gives you a specific plan to get strong. He uses the Beastmaker 1000 & 2000 boards as examples and we're lucky enough to have a few Beastmaker 1000 boards in stock. These 1000 series finger boards aren't as hardcore as the infamous 2000 and are ideal for those new to the weird black voodoo art of fingerboarding.


So this Christmas, keep those gains with a beastmaker 1000 board and this fingerboard plan.