Between The Trees

25 Nov 2009 17:13

Every Autumn a raft of climbing films come out to showcase the biggest names, the biggest sends and the new, cutting edge areas. Sometimes these films can disappoint. Don't get me wrong, films like Progression or Pure are excellent examples of where climbing is going and an insight into the people doing it. But to get the combination of both a person at the very top of his game and in a place which is full of lines that are at the cutting edge is difficult to find, and even harder to catch on film.


In Between The Trees, Keith Bradbury (uncle somebody) has managed this feat and more. Over 2 months, he and Tyler Landman cruised around the mecca and home of bouldering -Fontainebleau - and climbed...alot. Tyler went on a sending spree unheard of in the forest. His ticklist from those 2 months is mind blowing. Some of his daily sends are problems that most very good boulderers would be happy with over a lifetime.


Between The Trees documents this sending spree but more than just a combination of footage of problems, it shows Tyler at a peak of his early climbing career (being only 18!). The film has world class font classics and little known hidden gems. It also shows the beauty of the forest and why the place is so special. Humour also plays a big part in the film and it's easy to see why the footage is so good, it's because the two boys were having such a good time climbing together.


Between The Trees is film for any boulderer looking for inspiration, any climber who's been to Fontainebleau and anyone who enjoys seeing a climber at the top of their game. Available for £14 on or instore at the wall. Certainly worth adding to the dvd climbing collection.