25% Extra FREE!!!

16 Nov 2009 11:13

That's right, 25% Extra FREE all this week....and next week, next month and possibly even more next year.


What do you get for free, well more wall. You've actually been getting 25% more for the last few months (since the last new prow went on) but it's only last week that we confirmed our suspicions.


The latest green spotty circuit is a 50 problem monster, this being the first time we've reached the magic half-century. When the Works first opened we could only set 40 problems on the circuit walls. Over the last few years we've added more surface wall and interesting features that have expanded the amount of climbing area allowing us to set more problems. In fact, we now have 10 circuits on the go were previously we had a maximum of 8.


How is it all for free? Well, we're still charging the same entrance price that we did when we first opened the doors. An extra 25% more walls & more problems all for the same price - not bad really.


While we're talking circuits, Sam has just stripped the hard yellow circuit. It will all be reset by the end of the week giving you some new problems in the 7a to 7c range. Enjoy!