Bouldering League R1 - Results

9 Nov 2009 13:53

(ph. Norman Gilman)

Round 1 was a fantastic success with over 100 people picking up a scorecard and taking part in the competition.


25 problems from font 4 to 7c meant there was something for pretty much everyone and the scores reflect this with a wide range in all categories. Full results for R1 can now be viewed on news page.


Leah Crane on the Women's cash problem. Leah, Katy Whittaker and Naomi Buys shared the £125 cash prize. (ph. Norman Gilman)

The most impressive climbing of the night was Dave Barrans systematic destruction of every problem in the competition. All 25 flashed without barely breaking a sweat. He also had time to relax and hang around on the 7c while letting another competitor finish their respective problem. As he was the only one to complete this boulder in a very strong field, it topped an already impressive bit of climbing.

You can see some more photos and a short, late Friday night, report on our blog.


Dave Mason on the Men's cash problem. This was the stopper crux until Dave found a cunning kneebar to the right that led to a number of ascents. 10 in fact. R2 cash problem will be a little harder... (ph. Norman Gilman)

The next round will take place of the 4th December and will start EARLIER than normal. The next 3 rounds will start at 6pm now instead of 7pm. This has changed because R1 was so popular meaning there was still people trying to complete problems at 10pm. Hopefully the earlier start will allow everyone enough time to finish.


Overall, R1 was a success. Over 100 competitors, a wide range of scores, top tunes and a great atmosphere. Thanks everyone : )