Weekly Updates - Fri 6th Nov 2009

6 Nov 2009 20:26 Friday Night Comp

As I write this, R1 of the Winter Bouldering League is nearing its end. The remaining competitors who, somehow, still have energy are rushing to finish their respective problems.


Trying to figure out if a competition is going well is a hard act. With alot of smiling faces and a positive energy around the comp wall, I think I can confidently state that R1 has been a success.


With over 100 competitors on the night it will take a day or two to count up all the scores. We should have them all totalled up by Monday so keep an eye on the blog and website for full results.


The £250 cash prize has brought out the big guns and alot of Men have completed their cash prize so their £125 has been heavily diluted. The Women's problem though has only had 3 ascents so far so the drinks are on the ladies tonight : )

A busy R1 but also a very good R1

The mystery competitor (just returned from the Frankenjura) who is slightly disappointed with his 4 points on the night. The one problem he did do was the cash prize problem though...


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