Leo Houlding Lecture

21 Oct 2009 13:12

Today we got a visit from Leo, managing to catch up with him a little about the Asgard Project, hearing some of the tales from the trip. From even this short chat, it was clear that it was a pretty intense experience! From skydiving onto the glacier (sse trailer below) not sure if the landing zone was packed snow or a weak snow bridge, to suffering frostbite on the actual wall, there's a ton of stories.


You can read an excellent article by Ed Douglas on the expedition online at the Daily Mail website. Well worth a read.


You can hear all these and see footage of the upcoming film at his lecture on Sunday 1st November. Tickets are available online or at reception.


Another reason Leo was in today was because of an interview with a Japanese magazine. So if you're in Tokyo anytime soon, you may see him on the front cover of this mag...