Back to Black

20 Oct 2009 15:49

The Black Circuit has now been taken down, with the holds now clean (thanks to benky grip wash), Percy will start setting on Thursday and should be finished by Friday. You should have a lovely new 40 problem Font 6a circuit. Percy having just returned from Fontainebleau, you can expect some proper, scientific, grading....


After the success of the Reel Rock Tour on Sunday night, the next show at The Climbing Works will be the Leo Houlding lecture that will happen on Sunday 1st Nov. This should be a brilliant night as Leo has just returned from Baffin Island and Mt Asgard. The premiere of The Asgard Project film will be at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival in mid November but you can get an early preview of the stories and exploits of this stunning expedition.


Trailer below: