'Tis the Season

14 Oct 2009 13:45

Yesterday I managed to get out for an early morning mid-week circuit session at Stanage Plantation. Clambering around in the beautiful morning sunshine reminded me of why I live in Sheffield and why I enjoy being part of The Climbing Works (we don't open till midday).


We're at that magical point in the year in Sheffield when both the grit and limestone are 'in'. The grit is starting to feel the stick that cold mornings bring, while the limestone is dry and in perfect nick with ideal sending temps for summer projects. It's a perfect time of t-shirt weather to send and down jacket on for spotting.


It's also a time for trips abroad. The Works is a bit short staffed at the moment due to Percy being in Fontainebleau (with the Ginger Ninja, aka Jacky Godoffe) and Sam, Lu & Michelle in Albarracin, Spain. Both these wonderful bouldering destinations are coming into perfect season. All of this reminded me of this short, web only, flick from last year made by BigUp Productions. It is called, funnily enough, 'Tis the season and is all about this time of year.


As I watch the drizzle and grey cloud settle over Sheffield, I thought I'd share this film to keep your psyche levels high. It also enable's you to waste a few minutes at work on a Wednesday afternoon and get those all important motivational levels high for an evening session in the Works.



If this gets you psyched, make sure to come down and watch the Reel Rock Tour on Sunday 18th Oct at The Climbing Works. It will feature Progression, the latest from BigUp Productions, and will be a UK première as the film hasn't yet reached these shores. The first part will be a collection of short films including sections of First Ascent: The Series which will show on National Geographic in the new year. Part of this will show Alex Honnold soloing Moonlight Buttress in Zion which was a groundbreaking ascent last year.