Reel Rock Tour & Grit Flick DVD

12 Oct 2009 12:18

Autumn is the pristine time for Grit and Limestone routes, cold crisp dry days means you can choose your rock type and project in the knowledge that it's going to be good.


Autumn is also the season of new climbing film releases, coinciding perfectly with the cold dark mid week nights at home waiting for the weekend. This Autumn sees 3 big film releases - Grit Flick, Progression and The Asgard Project.


Progression is the new one from BigUp productions (Dosage series) and will feature in this Sunday's Reel Rock Tour at The Climbing Works. The DVD will be out shortly afterwards.


First out this season is Grit Flick, the new DVD from Posing Productions. As the name suggests this film is all about the Grit - routes mostly (scary runout classics and also esoteric brutal cracks) but with a bit of highball bouldering thrown into the mix. There's some great footage on this and it's a lot of credit to Alastair Lee and his team that they are out at the right time (usually in cold windy weather) to shoot it.


Grit Flick is broken up into mini-films, a bit like Hard XS, so you can watch the film in one long section or just watch the shorts individually. Highlights for me was Ryan Pasquill on the last big line at Ilkley. The climbing footage is fantastic but its the conversation between Ryan and John Dunne that really steals the show - hilarious! Also up there is Jordan Buys long days at Widdop wall and Ben Bransby highballing a magnificent new 'problem' at Rhylstone. There's alot of footage on this DVD and at only £13 it's an absolute bargain!!!


If you like climbing films, this is definitely one for the collection. If you're really into your Gritstone routes then this is an absolute must-buy.