Weekly Updates - Sun 4th Oct 2009

4 Oct 2009 19:42 New White circuit, and other stuff....

Yes, the new white circuit is done. 47 problems starting easy and then getting slowly harder and harder - number 1 is about Font 4, whereas number 47 is "7b+" (see the comp wall for an explanation of what the Bishton grade of "7b+" is all about)! We are going to provide a topo and a tick list for this circuit for anybody who is interested in recording their progress. At the start of December when the circuit will be taken down again you can hand in your tick list and get entry into our free prize draw - the first 5 out of the hat get a prize (we don't know what yet, but it will be nice, promise!) Ask at our reception desk for a topo and more info. At some point we will pop some more info on here and a downloadable topo so you can print out your own instead of having to run the gauntlet of whether we will have any left when you visit. I think the circuit has a very broad church of styles and difficulty, so there should be something for everybody. Good luck!

As mentioned last week, legend of manliness Big Pickles is back from Mount Asgard. For those of you inquisitive as to what Jase was doing out there with Leo, Stanley, et al, the Mail on Sunday has printed a six page spread on the expedition which you can find HERE. Its a slightly more enlightening read than the previous cuttings from the Todmorden News I posted!


Beta for White problem:


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