Beastmaker Boards Now In Stock

21 Sep 2009 15:04

As the title says, we now have Beastmaker 2000 fingerboards in stock instore and online.


These things of beauty (and pain) have been extremely hard to get as the beastmaker lads have had such a backlog of orders to get through. Finally we now have quite a number in stock...perfect timing for the upcoming winter training season.


If you haven't heard of the beastmaker boards, let us enlighten you. They've been designed by Ned (current & 2 time British Bouldering Champion) Feehally and Dan (8b) Varian. Two boys who know a thing or two about small holds and training. The last few years have seen these boys dedicate alot of time and effort into perfecting these fingerboards and finally they are on sale to the general public. These fingerboards aren't for beginners, being specifically designed for those who are wanting to really push themselves into new levels of finger strength.


We've had 2 of these on our training / fingerboard wall for a while now and they are extremely popular with the strong & want-to-be-stronger climbers. A must for anyone into serious training.


You can purchase the boards online at The Climbing Works website>>

Can you say 'mono'