British Team Training...and New Prow Problems

17 Sep 2009 14:02


Last weekend the British Bouldering Team spent 2 days thrashing themselves in The Climbing Works as part of a team training program. The first day involved alot of tests to identify strength and weaknesses, while day 2 consisted of attempting Percy set problems on the Berghaus Competition wall.

Dave Barrans campusing and below testing his one arm pullup ability


Apart from one of the team being sick, they all survived the weekend mostly unscathed. The British team rely on alot of good will from both the members and the staff and it was good to see such a good turn out (Stew Watson coming from Austria especially for the weekend).


The BMC have also just released their first competitions newsletter which has dates of comps around the country (including our own Winter bouldering league) and some very interesting articles. You can read it at the BMC website>>


Other news in the Works is that Percy is busy setting the newly built prow. Below is a video of (Climbing Works instructor and British Bouldering Team member) Dave Mason testing a new red.