Weekly Updates - Tue 15th Sep 2009

15 Sep 2009 14:18 Bored? Board?....ahhh Motherboard

Once again the Works has been alive with the sound of drills. Today Sam has been stripping the Green circuit (a new one to be finished by Friday) while we've had the beastmaker boys in playing with the motherboard.


They've made some new holds for it and today they've been resetting the board making it an even better training facility. Dan has been using his injury downtime to get into the workshop and play with some beautiful pieces of wood to create some fantastic new holds. Now you can crush without ruining your skin....


Dan has also been busy writing a new article for beastmaker.co.uk. It covers everything you need to know about mounting a fingerboard in your home. This is well worth a read as the beastmaker boards are soon to be in stock at The Climbing Works...


the newly painted prow


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