Rest day!

2 Sep 2009 11:41

Yes, I'm having a rest day, so its been a six thirty start this morning with Annie who has just learnt to walk so now wants to walk everywhere all the time! All this 'resting' gives me time to ponder what we are doing next at The Works, so here's what's coming up in the next couple of weeks.

The Brown circuit is coming down tomorrow, and should be reset with 40 new problems from Font 6a to 6c by next Monday. We have a hectic schedule at the moment, but I think half the circuit will be set for Saturday, and Sam will finish of the other 20 problems on Monday.

Also on Monday I will be building a new bit of wall. I'd tell you what if only I knew, but lets just say that I fancy building a nice prow so watch this space and we'll update you on developments once the woodwork has commenced.

The following weekend is a training weekend at The Works for the British Bouldering team (a lot of those team members look strangely familiar....!), so I will be creating a series of problems on the competition wall specifically for this. We will give the comp wall a complete reset whilst we're at it, so there will be another 30 problems for you to try.

Then, the week after we will be changing the Green circuit at long last - its been a while! This will then mean that we will have changed all 400 problems in The Works since the refurb in the middle of June! Its a pretty cool boast that we don't have any problems left on the wall for more than 3 months when you consider just how many problems we have got! No wonder I needed a rest day......