Cliffhanger on TV

24 Aug 2009 14:17

In early July, Cliffhanger once again took place in Sheffield Millhouses park. A stunning success, it featured numerous sports and activities that drew a huge crowd on both the Saturday and Sunday.


One of the biggest draws was the senior British Bouldering Championships that took place on the Sunday with both Men's and Women's finals coming down to the last problem. It was an absolute brilliant competition and drew a large crowd that produced a electric atmosphere.


If you weren't there, you now have a chance to see it on Sky TV in September as for the first year Cliffhanger had TV camera's there to record the whole event. The climbing will be one of the main focus events in the programme with commentary from the legend Jerry Moffatt. It's on a number of different channels at different times so catch it live or record it.



07.09.09 20.00 Sky Sports Xtra

08.09.09 03.30 Sky Sports 2 Digital

08.09.09 08.00 Sky Sports 3 Digital

08.09.09 12.00 Sky Sports 2 Digital

08.09.09 15.00 Sky Sports Xtra


You can watch a teaser trailer for the programme below: