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21 Aug 2009 15:00 New Blues

A very Blue week this week. There is a new Blue circuit (grades 2+ to 4) that has been set today and has already had a good hammering this afternoon thanks to the showery weather. Also, we're all feeling a bit blue 'cos our favourite wall manager, Brian has been a poorly boy this week. Apparently he has got a nasty virus that has made him feel a little bit rubbish all week, so get well soon, Brian! (We're sure that Matt's stag do at Sankeys last weekend had nothing to do with it, Bri!)

21 Aug 2009 13:16 Crushing Foreigners

With another visitor to these shores (this time a 15 year old Japanese kid) ripping up the grit...in August, I thought it be good to recall the work done by Team America on the grit last year.

When Matt, Kevin and Alex were over they brought a video camera with them. Finally Kevin has got around to editing some of the footage for Black Diamond's new website, accompanied by a grit article from Alex. It's a good read and a video well worth viewing...even just for Kevin's Gaia fall - ouch!



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