Adult Advanced Improver Sessions Commence Tonight

12 Aug 2009 15:10

We first started our free adult improver sessions last winter. First, it was only on a Wednesday night, then we added Friday, then we had to kick out some of the regulars who were just getting too good for the group we were aiming at. Well, now we're starting a regular fortnightly advanced adult improver course to help take you to that next level.


This will not affect the normal adult improver sessions that we run every Wednesday night. The advanced one is for those who have either moved on from the original sessions, or for those who are operating in the Font 6a-6c grade range (black, purple spotty circuits). It's aimed at those people who want to improver their technique and skills, get help with current projects or want to meet people who climb at similar grades. It's all done in a fun atmosphere and will undoubtedly get you crushing!!


Both the normal adult impover and the advanced sessions are free and require no pre-booking. Just be at the wall by 7.30pm and wait for the announcement.


Dave Mason will be the regular coach for the advanced sessions.


***For those who don't know about the normal adult improver sessions, read on. They happen every Wednesday & Friday night. They're aimed at those completely new to climbing operating in the Font 4-6a mark. All you need to bring is a willingness to learn and you will be well on your way to becoming a better climber.

The sessions last 1.5 hours, they're free (just your normal entry cost) and are a great way to meet people climbing similar grades, making bouldering that little bit more fun. We've had people go from complete beginners to climbing Font 6a in 6 to 7 months so the classes definitely work.