Comp wall clean up

22 Jul 2009 19:58

I've been away for a few days sampling the delights of the Shropshire climbing centre and re-setting their circuits along with Longy, Big Pickles and the Weasel (picture at bottom of the page!) Anybody rained off at Nesscliff (or trapped in Birmingham and in need of some quality indoor bouldering) should get themselves along to check it out - a fantastic bouldering centre run by nice friendly people!

Talking of which, now I'm back at work in The Works for the rest of the week, I thought its about time we had a new set of problems on the comp wall, so that's tomorrows job.

Bon Voyage to Big Pickles (click, scroll down and check out his profile - nice work!) who's off to Mount Asgard on Baffin Island for 6 weeks with a strong team of lunatics. 6 weeks in just one pair of underpants in an icy wasteland full of polar bears?!? It doesn't bear ('scuse the pun) thinking about.

Meanwhile I'm off for a week in the County next week for a short holiday - and also probably to give the owners of this climbing wall some ideas on what they should do next....!!!