Setting and Coaching

10 Jul 2009 13:14

Just been back down to the Cliffhanger wall to give the guys an illy 'coffee lift' (well we do have the best coffee in Sheffield according to a lot of our customers) and to check on their progress.


With the wall being finished, it's down to setting the problems for the qualifiers for both Saturday and Sunday's junior and senior comps. It's the A-Team again with Bishton, Longy, Cassidy, Big Pickles and Vickers setting the problems.

What does that mean? High quality problems that will test the competitors through the full range of climbing techniques. Think dirty crimps, slopers, poo corners, dynos and high heels. Add in the mix of 'how the hell do you do that' into the equation through setting and you have the makings of a great comp.


The Climbing Works will be there on our own walls offering coaching alongside FiveTen athletes Steve McClure and Gaz Parry. These will be 1 hour sessions that can only be signed up for on the day. If you're at a climbing plateau, then the Works coaching should get you going again.

The team setting today


The coaching and dyno wall