New Black Circuit

6 Jul 2009 14:54

On Friday Percy finished the black circuit so once again you now have a full, 41 problem, new circuit to go at. The grade is around the Font 6a-6b mark with 'Graeme's arete' (#11) taking many many scalps.

Sam has also finished the new purple circuit which is a great one for the kids or for warming up on - 15 problems around the font 3 mark. He's been busy today as well, stripping the old yellow spotty and starting to set the new one. That should be all done within the next few days so you'll have another new circuit to play on. With thunderstorms rolling through Sheffield this morning, it seems like a good time to climb indoors.


Percy is on Cliffhanger duty this week. He, Andy and Jed are building the wall for this weekend's British Bouldering Competition. Make sure to get yourself down for the event as Cliffhanger is always good fun. Rumours of a very big roof means biceps might be needed for the competitors...