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28 Jul 2009 11:34 New problem's on the Comp wall

There are now 30 new problem's on the Berghaus comp wall ranging from font 5 to 7c, enjoy.

22 Jul 2009 19:58 Comp wall clean up

I've been away for a few days sampling the delights of the Shropshire climbing centre and re-setting their circuits along with Longy, Big Pickles and the Weasel (picture at bottom of the page!) Anybody rained off at Nesscliff (or trapped in Birmingham and in need of some quality indoor bouldering) should get themselves along to check it out - a fantastic bouldering centre run by nice friendly people!

Talking of which, now I'm back at work in The Works for the rest of the week, I thought its about time we had a new set of problems on the comp wall, so that's tomorrows job.

Bon Voyage to Big Pickles (click, scroll down and check out his profile - nice work!) who's off to Mount Asgard on Baffin Island for 6 weeks with a strong team of lunatics. 6 weeks in just one pair of underpants in an icy wasteland full of polar bears?!? It doesn't bear ('scuse the pun) thinking about.

Meanwhile I'm off for a week in the County next week for a short holiday - and also probably to give the owners of this climbing wall some ideas on what they should do next....!!!

17 Jul 2009 17:41 Blox

Fresh into The Climbing Works shop are some new tee's and hoodies from a new Sheffield based company called Blox.


Blox is the brain child of one Aide Jebb. He setup the company under his own steam because he wanted a pair of decent climbing trousers (they are coming soon he promises). He has designed all the clothing himself and they are all printed in Yorkshire so you'll be supporting a local company as well as being an early adopter.


At the moment, The Climbing Works shop is the only place you can purchase Blox tee's and hoodies. He's also designing chalkbags and buckets which should be in the shop in the next fortnight. Make sure to check out Blox collection next time you're in The Works.


Also today, Percy has finished his Spotty Green circuit. 8 longish circuit problems on the main walls from F6b to 8a. Perfect for those who want to train for sport routes or want some Power Endurance. We'll have the topo up soon.


16 Jul 2009 13:58 Another New Circuit!!!

We're certainly not having any down time here in the Works with ANOTHER new circuit going up this week. This time it's the Spotty Greens that are getting changed.


In their previous state the Spotty Greens were quite long traverses that were all graded around F5-6.


Once again, they will be traverses or longer style problems but this time the grade will vary. We'll have one at F6a and then 6-7 more right through the grades to F7c+. This should be ideal for those looking to do classic Peak District, short but punchy, limestone routes.


Percy and Sam will finish the circuit tomorrow (Friday) but for the moment there is a couple up already...including a very tasty one on the skips.


15 Jul 2009 11:11 Backstage at the British Bouldering Championships

Brian has been keeping you all up to speed with last weekends action from the British bouldering championships which were held at the Cliffhanger event, so I won't bore you with it any further. I just wanted to share a couple of 'backstage' shots which amused me!

Jerry Moffatt 'getting his knee down' on his mobility scooter, whilst Graeme hitches a ride!

Annie (mini-cheese) supporting mummy in the final - very exciting!

14 Jul 2009 14:02 New Red Circuit

Sam has just finished setting the new red circuit which consists of 40 problems in the Font 6c-7c range. Some of the problems were set by Percy just after the refurb but the vast majority are brand new giving you a new hard circuit to test your Summer fitness on.


The new topo will be on the board by tonight and on the website by tomorrow.


For those wanting to read more, view the results and see some fantastic pictures of last weekend's British Bouldering Championship's there is now a ton of info on the web.


You can read a report on UKClimbing including a video of Ned sending the final problem>>

See our own Climbing Works staff member Luke Milnes photo selection of the comp on his blog>>

View Alex Messenger's photos online>>

Read the BMC's short news story and view the complete results>>

Read what The Sheffield Star thought of the Cliffhanger weekend>>


Photo: Luke Milnes - http://lukemilnes.blogspot.com/

Photo: Luke Milnes - http://lukemilnes.blogspot.com/

Ph: Alex Messenger - http://www.alexmessenger.co.uk/


13 Jul 2009 15:58 Come On You Reds!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So it's not footy season yet but i've been staring at the computer a little too long today.


With Cliffhanger over with, Sam has got to work on the big reset after the bigger refurb. He has stripped and started to reset the red circuit today with 20 problems completed. The circuit should be finished by tomorrow with 40 problems in and around the Font 6c-7b+ grade range. As the rain starts to fall outside in Sheffield, this gives you another reason to visit the Works.



Nacho 'the mutant' Sanchez testing Sam's new problems.


13 Jul 2009 09:53 British Bouldering Championship


What a weekend!!! Two days of madness at the British Bouldering Championships with The Climbing Works staff and cheeses heavily involved in both organisation and competing.


The main Senior Male and Female competition on the Sunday came down to the wire with the last problem deciding the champion for both categories.


First up was the female final with Leah Crane taking the win literally by the length of a hand. Katy Whittaker came second making it a Climbing Works staff one-two (Katy only entered because she knew she would have to work allday at the Works if she didn't compete).


Also in the finals representing The Climbing Works were Mina Wudji-Wudji coming 5th and Lucy Atkinson coming 6th. Lucy's result is particularly impressive as she has climbed very little in the last 2 years due to her beautiful little one-year old child who was also there watching.


1st: Leah Crane, 2nd Katy Whittaker, 3rd: Diane Merrick (photo courtesy of UKClimbing)


In the Men's, just like the Females, it all came down to the last problem. Reigning champion Nedwin van der Freewilly snatched the win from Dave Barrans right at the end with a fantastic showing on the final problem. After climbing on the Motherboard, Ned had little issue with the 45 degree wall and crushed in fine style. You can watch Ned climb the last problem below (courtesy of UKClimbing)


Courtesy of UKClimbing


Overall, The Climbing Works staff represented just over 1/4 of the Male & Female finalists which was a very good showing. On the organisational front Graeme helped keep the show running while Percy still managed to keep going even after a week of building and setting (he's back at Millhouses Park this morning taking down the wall - Poor fellow).


So in summary, the new British Bouldering Champions are:

Nedwin van der Freewilly (Senior Male)
Leah Crane (Senior female)
Jonathan Stocking (Junior Male)
Shauna Coxsey (Junior Female)

The Climbing Works also provided coaching over the weekend alongside FiveTen. Good work and high praise go to The Climbing Works instructors who did a fantastic job. Steve (Can't Climb Aretes to save his life) McClure and Gaz (Old Git who showed some of the young 'uns how its done) Parry also did fine work ; )


A big shout out to Mr Steve Holdz for the provision of his holdz and for his sterling work branding everything up.

For those who haven't seen it yet. The Climbing Works International Festival 2009 video is now online. It will get you psyched to climb!!!


10 Jul 2009 13:14 Setting and Coaching

Just been back down to the Cliffhanger wall to give the guys an illy 'coffee lift' (well we do have the best coffee in Sheffield according to a lot of our customers) and to check on their progress.


With the wall being finished, it's down to setting the problems for the qualifiers for both Saturday and Sunday's junior and senior comps. It's the A-Team again with Bishton, Longy, Cassidy, Big Pickles and Vickers setting the problems.

What does that mean? High quality problems that will test the competitors through the full range of climbing techniques. Think dirty crimps, slopers, poo corners, dynos and high heels. Add in the mix of 'how the hell do you do that' into the equation through setting and you have the makings of a great comp.


The Climbing Works will be there on our own walls offering coaching alongside FiveTen athletes Steve McClure and Gaz Parry. These will be 1 hour sessions that can only be signed up for on the day. If you're at a climbing plateau, then the Works coaching should get you going again.

The team setting today


The coaching and dyno wall



9 Jul 2009 16:35 Cliff Hanger Update

The weather forecast is looking a little iffy for the weekend so a visit to Cliffhanger and the British Bouldering Championships is looking even a better decision.


Yesterday I showed one picture of the new wall. Today you get a few more. I went and visited the huge tent that the wall is under and got to see the work for myself. The boys have been busy and they've built a wall which should give some spectactular problems....which is good as there's over 150 competitors in both seniors and juniors entering!!


A whole lot of mats!!!!


Some of the new holdz holds fresh for the competition



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