Paint, Paint, Paint - Day 3

17 Jun 2009 22:29

Today was the last day of build with Percy and Longy getting creative with the last bit of ply. The result was some more sick features guaranteed to provide some quality problems...and probably lots of frustration.


With the last bit of new build done, it was a big painting day with Sam the machine going through tubs and rollers like they were going out of fashion.


We also had the return of Craig, back with his spraycans, to the old pipes wall. Craig has pretty much been given a huge blank canvas to do what he wants. He's going with a masters theme with Dali, Klint and Banksy all being rolled into one big painting.


Photos of this and of the work done today below. You can see them all in one gallery on our facebook profile

Percy showing the boys his tools...of the trade

From this you can view all the new parts linking the skips to the old pipes wall. You can now climb and link all the circuits walls in the Works. Stamina anyone???


Craig working on his large canvas


The new prow in all its glory

Percy and Longy looking in awe at their own creation


All the holds cleaned and dry ready for setting on Friday.