Day 2 of the Refurb

16 Jun 2009 22:14

Day 2 in the big brother house...wait, sorry, been inhaling too much paint fumes today. Start again.


Day 2 in The Climbing Works refurb and you can really notice the change. There's a lot of new walls and features, plus the smell of paint hangs high in the air.


Another busy day has seen Percy, Longy and Jed get to work on finishing the new parts to the walls. Along with the new prow from Monday they've been working on the skips creating something special that gives even more scope for 'interesting' problems.


Sam has been busy painting the walls. He's picked some funky colours so a brighter Works will be the result by the Weekend. Graeme has been going back in time, getting stuck into cleaning holds. Benky Grip Wash has been the saviour though, cutting the job of cleaning roughly 300 holds from a 15 to a 5 hr job.


More to come tomorrow with the boys finishing off the walls and the paint scheme going into full throttle. Below are some pics from today.

Graeme using the benky grip wash and bright sunshine to clean and dry 300 holds in 5 hours. A good effort.

The new wall in the middle room


The new roof/prow/wall joining the skips to the main wall

Sam getting stuck in with the painting