Coming up this week.....

7 Jun 2009 12:56

A lot of people have been asking me whats going to be happening at The Works in the next few weeks so here's an update. Tomorrow (8th June) we will strip and reset the comp wall with a whole load of new problems. There will not be any new circuits set for the next two weeks. This isn't because we're lazy and can't be bothered (we leave that stuff to other climbing walls...), but because of the refurbishment work that we're doing from Monday 15th June until Friday 19th June. This will mean that on the 20th June (providing the paint is dry!) we will reopen the middle room and you can try the new sections of wall which are to be added to the grafitti wall and to the skips. All the problems in the refurbished parts will have to be stripped to allow building work and repainting to happen, but we will reset all of these so there will also be well over 100 new problems of all grades to try too.

What can you expect in the refurnished parts? Texture on the aretes. New problems. A new paintjob. Extra matting and, of course, new bits of wall.

As has been mentioned endlessly before on the website, the wall is open for business as normal whilst we do the refurb - only one third of the available walls will be closed.

If you have any unfinished business with problems in the target areas for the refurb, get them done this week - it's just the weather for a couple of good sessions indoors!