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30 Jun 2009 14:52 Cliffhanger

Coming up on the 11th and 12th of July is the welcome return of Cliffhanger. Showcasing dozens of events and sports it's a fantastic weekend of activity for anyone interested in the outdoors.


From a bouldering perspective the biggest event is the British Bouldering Championships that are being held on the Saturday (Juniors) and Sunday (Seniors). After last years fantastic last problem, last hold mens final cliffhanger (pun intended), this years should be just as good with both womens and mens event having a strong field.


The Climbing Works will have a presence there in 2 ways. The main wall is being built by Percy and Andy Long, with both helping to set the problems for the 2 main events. We'll also be there, along with 5:10 athletes Steve McClure and Gaz Parry, providing free coaching sessions on our purpose built wall. Sessions will last for 1 hour and climbing shoes will be provided by 5:10, so don't worry if you forget your shoes.


Check out the Cliffhanger trailer below and we'll see you there!


Cliffhanger 09 from Weekday Productions on Vimeo.


29 Jun 2009 18:14 Back in Black.....

....the name of the classic AC/DC album. And our black Core circuit has also been a classic, but its time for a change, so the new black circuit will be set this week. I have already set 14 problems, the other 26 will be here by Thursday evening at the latest. The grade, as normal, will be around the Font 6a mark (give or take the usual couple of random, spicy numbers....)

As many of you may have noticed, the new problems on the refurbished sections of wall have not been numbered. This isn't because they aren't part of the existing circuit..... it's just that its will be easier to reset all the circuits over the next 6 weeks and re-number them all properly than trying to rework the old circuits and regrade everything. The new problems all fit into the right grade range for the circuit they are in - they simply won't get a number until they are reset. I hope this makes sense and won't cause too much confusion. If you need a hand finding out what goes where, just ask one of our helpful reception staff. They probably won't have a clue either, but at least they will be polite whilst they try and blather their way past the tricky questions you might throw at them! No change there then....

26 Jun 2009 14:39 Even more new problems this week.

OK - it's finally finished! The new sections of wall are all finished, the paint is dry, and all of the problems that were removed to make way for the new additions have been reset. That's 100 new problems set in the last week! Now I'm off for a bit of a lie down but in the meantime, if you haven't been down to sample the new bits of wall and problems yet, it is well worth a visit!

All the customer feedback we have had so far has been amazing, and as ever some of the other bouldering centres in the UK have seen that putting this amount of effort into creating new bits of wall and improving existing structures in the summer when traditionally wall managers have been keen to enjoy a bit of 'down-time' in the 'quiet season' is totally the way forward. We at The Climbing Works don't believe a busy wall should ever have any 'down-time', and we certainly haven't had a 'quiet season' ever since we opened, so we're psyched to see that some of the other bouldering centres are following our lead. After all, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

The next wave of refurbishment at The Works is due to take place mid-August, but we'll post more details of these alterations as soon as we've decided what we want to change!

22 Jun 2009 11:59 Masters Wall

An apt name for the new painted / graffiti wall we think. As you can see from the photos below, Craig has finished his mural and Percy will be resetting on it from today. We're going to call this the 'masters wall' for obvious reasons.


The last few days has seen the new walls get a hammering and we're really happy with the feedback we've received. It's always nice to know that the hard work is appreciatied.


Percy is back onto the walls as I write and putting up some more new problems. He will reset everything as the week goes on right across the range so there will be something new for everyone to try.



19 Jun 2009 15:42 All Finished - Day 5

It has been a long week for us. A fun week but definitely long.


This morning Percy, Sam and 'Britian's former Manliest Man' Pickles set to work putting some holds on the new walls. As I write the boys are testing the 40+ problems that they've managed to set today. More will go on next week. The only wall not open is the new 'Master's wall' which is the one Craig is painting his masterpiece on. He's still got a bit to do so it will be early next week before that is open. Saying that it is a beautiful thing he is creating and it also feels wrong to put holds on it....but we will.


So thats it. A big refurb done on a 1/3 of the wall. Below are some photos and a bit of video of one of the new problems. Thanks for your patience and enjoy!!

Percy and Pickles setting


Craig's 'take' on Banksy



The first lucky members of the public to test the new problems



18 Jun 2009 15:20 Watching Paint Dry - Day 4

This morning saw the last touches of paint going onto the new walls. Now it's simply a case of letting them dry before we start setting tomorrow (Friday).


We're also waiting for some new matting from Holdz for the new ships prow so when that goes in place it will be full steam ahead (terrible pun).


By Friday evening we should have most of the walls open again, reset with alot of new problems right through the colour and grade scale. We'll update on that in tomorrow's blog.


In the meantime, more photos from today below.




17 Jun 2009 22:29 Paint, Paint, Paint - Day 3

Today was the last day of build with Percy and Longy getting creative with the last bit of ply. The result was some more sick features guaranteed to provide some quality problems...and probably lots of frustration.


With the last bit of new build done, it was a big painting day with Sam the machine going through tubs and rollers like they were going out of fashion.


We also had the return of Craig, back with his spraycans, to the old pipes wall. Craig has pretty much been given a huge blank canvas to do what he wants. He's going with a masters theme with Dali, Klint and Banksy all being rolled into one big painting.


Photos of this and of the work done today below. You can see them all in one gallery on our facebook profile

Percy showing the boys his tools...of the trade

From this you can view all the new parts linking the skips to the old pipes wall. You can now climb and link all the circuits walls in the Works. Stamina anyone???


Craig working on his large canvas


The new prow in all its glory

Percy and Longy looking in awe at their own creation


All the holds cleaned and dry ready for setting on Friday.



16 Jun 2009 22:14 Day 2 of the Refurb

Day 2 in the big brother house...wait, sorry, been inhaling too much paint fumes today. Start again.


Day 2 in The Climbing Works refurb and you can really notice the change. There's a lot of new walls and features, plus the smell of paint hangs high in the air.


Another busy day has seen Percy, Longy and Jed get to work on finishing the new parts to the walls. Along with the new prow from Monday they've been working on the skips creating something special that gives even more scope for 'interesting' problems.


Sam has been busy painting the walls. He's picked some funky colours so a brighter Works will be the result by the Weekend. Graeme has been going back in time, getting stuck into cleaning holds. Benky Grip Wash has been the saviour though, cutting the job of cleaning roughly 300 holds from a 15 to a 5 hr job.


More to come tomorrow with the boys finishing off the walls and the paint scheme going into full throttle. Below are some pics from today.

Graeme using the benky grip wash and bright sunshine to clean and dry 300 holds in 5 hours. A good effort.

The new wall in the middle room


The new roof/prow/wall joining the skips to the main wall

Sam getting stuck in with the painting



15 Jun 2009 22:37 And So It Begins - Day 1

So day 1 is over and what a day! All the cheeses were in action today with Percy and 'Mr wall builder extraordinare' Andy Long getting to work on the new prow wall feature. The rest of us got to work on the stripping, cleaning & painting. The cleaning though got a little behind due to the huge thunderstorms that passed through Sheffield.


The work continues tomorrow with more wall building etc.. As for today, you can check out the photos below for those who didn't pass through tonight.





12 Jun 2009 14:40 Going On's

The last 2 days have seen a load of plywood, scaff and wood arrive to The Works in anticipation of next weeks work.


Also to come is a load of paint so you'll be getting a fresh cleaning looking wall for next Weekend.


If you're not sure what we're doing, read all about it on the website>>


This all means that this weekend is your last chance to tick any unfinished projects on those walls that are getting changed.




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