Shop Changes

15 May 2009 15:45

Today has been a busy day.


Not only has the heavy rain brought the masses in on a friday afternoon, we've been busy doing shop stuff. When I say we, I really mean Lu. She's been hard at and has totally refurbished the shop so you've got plenty of new styles from E9, Blurr and Moon.


In the past, we've had quite a lot of Women say that we don't carry enough female specific clothing. Well no more. We've got 13 different styles of trousers - from hard wearing crag pants to stylish jeans to yoga style comfy trousers - and 8 styles of Women top. If you can't find a climbing top or pant in the shop now....well....


As for the Men. Again, you can find 16 different types of climbing pant. Moon, Blurr & E9 provide the classic cypher pant, stylish jeans and hardwearing cords. You can call into the shop or visit our collection online.


While refurbing the shop, we've also had a clearout. There's now a big sale rail beside reception with most products 50% OFF!! Be quick this weekend as always, they will disappear fast. We'll be getting them onto the web early next week.



With the forecast looking poor, take the chance to checkout the shop when you're in this weekend.