Bar Work

8 May 2009 13:55

So here's the photos of the new bar at the Works. As you can see it's a pretty hefty bar and it's already had some abuse from Andy Earl who was down on the limestone for the day.


The coloured tape on the bar is not for safety / hazard awareness, but actually for training purposes. The tapes are 25cm apart allowing you to be scientific about pull ups, cross overs and the like. We're putting together a list of exercises that you can do on it which will be available from the front reception in the next day or two.


For those who rather just climb, don't worry we haven't forgotten you. Percy has stripped the yellow CWIF circuit and has started setting a new easy wait, that's not right. He's setting a completely nails yellow circuit. That's more like it. He'll have that finished by Monday evening.


In the meantime enjoy the new training facilities and have a great weekend.