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28 May 2009 14:30 Our Sam and Lu giving some tips on Tradding

Have a look at Katherine Schirrmacher's interviews with Sam and Lu over on www.lovetoclimb.co.uk about how they mentally prepare for hard, bold trad climbs.

In particular Sam is telling us about his Appointment With Death!!!

25 May 2009 13:09 The crazy pink tufa!! and other stuff

We have just had a strange delivery from our man Steve from Holdz. He brought us an enormous tufa that stretchers the full length of the comp wall. This massive feature will be great for anyone traveling to Spain or Kalymnos to train on and get very strong on tufa's.

The Brown circuit has also been finished, there are now 30 great interesting problem's from 5 to 6a+.

Last Thursday The Climbing Works held our 3rd Annual press event for Cliffhanger 2009. The event was a huge success. Check out some of the photo's taken from the local press photographers .The first one showing members of the council and other people involved with the event.

The second showing Paul Scriven leader of Sheffield Council, Philip Jones  Vice Chancellor of Sheffield Hallam University and Steve McClure super strong climber tackling the Climbing Works slab!



23 May 2009 10:37 Bank Holiday Monday Opening Hours

With the 2nd Bank Holiday upon us once again, we hope you're having an enjoyable one.

This Monday we'll be open our normal hours. That's 12-10pm.

This weekend we're open 10am - 8pm as normal.

15 May 2009 15:45 Shop Changes

Today has been a busy day.


Not only has the heavy rain brought the masses in on a friday afternoon, we've been busy doing shop stuff. When I say we, I really mean Lu. She's been hard at and has totally refurbished the shop so you've got plenty of new styles from E9, Blurr and Moon.


In the past, we've had quite a lot of Women say that we don't carry enough female specific clothing. Well no more. We've got 13 different styles of trousers - from hard wearing crag pants to stylish jeans to yoga style comfy trousers - and 8 styles of Women top. If you can't find a climbing top or pant in the shop now....well....


As for the Men. Again, you can find 16 different types of climbing pant. Moon, Blurr & E9 provide the classic cypher pant, stylish jeans and hardwearing cords. You can call into the shop or visit our collection online.


While refurbing the shop, we've also had a clearout. There's now a big sale rail beside reception with most products 50% OFF!! Be quick this weekend as always, they will disappear fast. We'll be getting them onto the web early next week.



With the forecast looking poor, take the chance to checkout the shop when you're in this weekend.



15 May 2009 08:26 CWIF 2010

The Climbing Works International Festival 09 was an astounding success. It was simply a stunning day showcasing competition climbing at its best.


Saturday 20th March 2010 will see the fourth installment of this amazing event and the CWIF will be even bigger and better than any previous year. We'll be getting more big names from abroad plus all the homegrown wads. We'll be going all out to make it much more than a competition so keep an eye out on the website for more details as the year progresses.


View a photo gallery of CWIF 09 on the climbing works website>>



14 May 2009 12:28 Where art thou summer??

With the rain descending once more from cloudy & cold Sheffield skies, it bodes ill for a decent UK summer. The heady warm, dry spell we received in mid April seems like a long time ago.


With the weather so poor, what to do? Obviously we've got plenty going on at the Works with a new yellow circuit just completed and of course our new bar at reception.


For those who have been on it, or those who feel that they don't need to go on it, check out this guy who has obviously spent a bit of time on a bar...possibly even behind some? This is what the youth would call 'sick!'





12 May 2009 07:57 Pimp My Ride

The Works van has had a bit of a face lift, courtesy of the main man. Check it out - and give us a honk if you see it out on the road!

Also the topo for the new yellow circuit is up in the wall, it it should be on the website later on today.



11 May 2009 18:20 New Yellow Circuit

The new yellow circuit is finished. 38 problems, all between the grade of Font 6c to 7b+, with the majority in the 7a region. Its not a circuit for your specialist has it has a bit of everything to contend with - brute force and ignorance won't cut it if you want to do the whole circuit, although obviously it will see you through a few of the more knarly problems! The topo is still in the pipeline, but should be up by tomorrow. In the meanwhile, enjoy!

10 May 2009 18:36 Plywood Masters

Here's a 'heads up' to any of you who are interested in competing in one of the countries best bouldering competitions. The infamous Plywood Masters competition is scheduled to take place next weekend at BoulderUK in Blackburn - the seniors competition is on Saturday the 16th and Juniors and Veterans compete on Sunday the 17th May. Both days festivities start at 10am with rgistration taking place before hand. For more details give the guys a ring, as they've not updated their website yet (well, it is in Lancashire....!)

8 May 2009 13:55 Bar Work

So here's the photos of the new bar at the Works. As you can see it's a pretty hefty bar and it's already had some abuse from Andy Earl who was down on the limestone for the day.


The coloured tape on the bar is not for safety / hazard awareness, but actually for training purposes. The tapes are 25cm apart allowing you to be scientific about pull ups, cross overs and the like. We're putting together a list of exercises that you can do on it which will be available from the front reception in the next day or two.


For those who rather just climb, don't worry we haven't forgotten you. Percy has stripped the yellow CWIF circuit and has started setting a new easy yellow....no wait, that's not right. He's setting a completely nails yellow circuit. That's more like it. He'll have that finished by Monday evening.


In the meantime enjoy the new training facilities and have a great weekend.


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