Berghaus Competition Wall Reset

15 Apr 2009 09:58

Fresh from a new blue and purple circuit last week, Percy & Sam got to work on the competition wall on Easter Monday.


The last comp wall was the remains of the CWIF with some added extras and was nicknamed 'Operation Shutdown', and that's exactly what it did. We noticed it wasn't getting as much attention so this reset is a little bit more amenable with 25 problems across the grade range.


If you're feeling a little 'heavy' after Easter and all those chocolate eggs then you've got little excuse not to get climbing. Since the start of April we've set a new 'kid & beginner friendly' purple, a new steady blue, a tricky purple spotty and a new nails red circuit. With the new competition wall reset, that's well over 120 problems. Nearly forgot, the kids boulder has also been reset meaning your little ones have something more to do.


The new circuit topo and comp wall is available on the website here>>