It's all going off!

9 Apr 2009 18:59

We thought we'd take advantage of the traditional lull in climbing wall activity over the Easter holidays to do a load of work in The Works. However, our plans haven't quite worked out as the wall was rammed this afternoon! Oh well, musn't grumble!

Anyway, there is now a new red circuit courtesy of myself and Leah Crane. All the really hard problems are Leah's - honest! The grade range is from Font 6b+ to 7b, and its all rather dirty to say the least.......enjoy!

Meanwhile, there is a strange man all covered in paint wearing a mask and a pair of rubber gloves who is lurking in the mens toilets. Obviously to protect the public we have had to temporarily close the mens loo's whilst we sort this problem out! Hopefully this situation should by rectified by tomorrow - when our main man will have finished the amazing new murals in the mens toilets - apparently there is a Japanese theme........ can't wait (to see the murals, not for the loo...)!

Also, Sam has been busy stripping the Blue circuit and is currently mid reset, so there should be another new Blue circuit up by tomorrow evening. Grade-wise it should all be pretty steady (I hope!)

Finally, fuelled by a heavy weekend stuffing Easter eggs, Sam and I will be resetting the comp wall on Monday so there will be even more new stuff for everybody to play on.